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Medical waste can be generated from home if you are managing diabetes, allergies, or another medical condition yourself or for someone in your home. Finger prickers (lancets), pen needles, insulin pump infusion set cannula insertion needles and syringes are some of the waste that can be generated from your household. This waste is potentially harmful, and should not be thrown in the garbage like regular waste.Used sharps are a biomedical hazard as incorrect disposal could lead to needle-stick injuries

Vt Med Waste has designed a sharps container aimed at providing a solution for medical waste generated at home.Diabetes Sharps Container is sold online and at Pick n Pay Pharmacies. When full, patients should return the sharps container to Pick n Pay Pharmacies. Vt Med waste will collect all the returned containers from all pharmacies and dispose at an approved treatment facility.

After use, please return to your nearest Pick n Pay Pharmacy